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Experts of the edible fungus team strive to solve the technical problem of”stuck neck” in the production of Flammulina velutipes
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Dr. Zhang Ruiying, a post scientist from the Institute of Agricultural Resources and Agricultural Regional Planning of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and the National Edible Fungus Industry Technology System, with more than ten years of rich experience and ingenuity in the research of edible fungi germplasm resources, from”maintenance of genetic stability of provenance”, In terms of “consistent screening of mother species” and “vitality control of multiplication strains”, it has been verified, summarized, and improved hundreds of times over 3 years, and created the “three types of provenance maintenance-maternal species selection-scientific multiplication”.”Footwork” strain quality control technology, using this technology to process the selected Flammulina velutipes strains in production, consistent fruiting, high yield, and neat commodity appearance, fully meet the quality requirements of factory production, and solve the problem of Flammulina velutipes strains.

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The Institute of Plant Protection of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences builds a resource and genome database of Verticillium dahliae
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Recently, the”Global Verticillium Wilt Genome Research” project jointly led by the Crop Verticillium Wilt Research Team of the Institute of Plant Protection of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the University of California, Davis, made important progress and established the first international crop Verticillium dahlia resource And the genome database (Verticilli-Omics) is officially launched. Users can check the collected bacterial resource information, visual display of the sequenced strain genome, data mining and analysis, etc. on this website.

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