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The National Food Safety Risk Assessment Center publicly solicited opinions on new food raw materials milk mineral salt and horse milk wine-like Lactobacillus horse milk wine-like subspecies
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Entrusted by the National Health Commission, in accordance with the provisions of the Food Safety Law and the New Food Material Safety Review Management Measures, the recent milk mineral salt and Lactobacillus mare-like subspecies of horse-milk have passed the technology of the expert review committee The review is now open for comments. Please submit feedback to our center before August 14, 2020. Overdue will not be processed.

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EU evaluates the safety and effectiveness of Lactobacillus brucei DSM 29026 as an additive to all animal silage
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On June 29, 2020, according to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), at the request of the European Commission, the EU Animal Feed Additives and Products (FEEDAP) research group adopted Lactobacillus buchneri DSM 29026 as all animal silage additives To express scientific opinions on the safety and effectiveness of

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