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Australian avocado production soared by 65%and market prices plunged
By: Date: 2021-10-13 Categories: Internationalfood Tags: ,

In recent years, due to strong consumer demand for avocado, a large number of Australian fruit farmers have followed suit, and many fruit trees planted in the previous two years have begun to blossom and bear fruit this year. In addition, avocado can grow throughout the year in many parts of Australia, resulting in a sharp increase in supply of 65%this year, and the market retail price is only about 1/3 of that before.

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The Peruvian avocado export season is about to begin, and the export volume is expected to increase by 10%
By: Date: 2021-03-11 Categories: Internationalfood Tags: ,

According to a report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the total export volume of Peruvian avocados in 2021 is expected to reach 450,000 tons, which is a 10%increase over 2020. Statistics show that 2020 is a year of record high exports of Peruvian avocados. The total export volume reached a record 410,436 tons, an increase of 30%year-on-year.

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