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Slovenia’s agricultural prices rose by an average of 20%in October
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According to the news of December 14 of Sri Lanka news agency, according to the data released by Sri Lanka’s National Bureau of statistics, the average price of crop products increased by 29.7%and the average price of livestock products increased by 10.3%in October. On average, the price of edible animals is 9.6%higher than that a year ago.

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Announcement of the Food and Material Reserve Bureau of Fujian Province on the Quality Inspection of the Newly Harvested Early Indica Rice in 2020 (Minliangcang [2020] No. 135)
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According to the”Notice of the State Administration of Grain and Material Reserves on Doing a Good Job in the Monitoring of Food Quality and Safety in 2020″ (Guoliangfa [2020] No. 132) and the”Fujian Bureau of Grain and Material Reserves on Carrying out the Quality of Early Indica Rice”Notice on Inspection Work” (Minliangcang [2020] No. 104) requires that the provincial bureau collected 98 samples of newly harvested early indica rice farmers in seven districts and cities including Putian, Quanzhou, Zhangzhou, Sanming, Nanping, Longyan, and Ningde in late August. The samples were collected at the Zhangzhou Grain and Oil Quality Monitoring Station, and 10 inspectors from various testing institutions were selected for centralized inspection. The inspection results will now be notified as follows, as a reference for the quality of early rice purchases this year.

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