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The Heilongjiang Institute of Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences identified for the first time”the key amino acid segment of IHNV inducing autophagy”
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The”cold water fish disease prevention and control innovation team” of the Heilongjiang Institute of Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences has made new progress in the study of the interaction mechanism between infectious hematopoietic necrosis virus (IHNV) and the host in my country.

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Postgraduates from the School of Food Science and Technology of Sichuan Agricultural University published papers on the research progress of polyphenol anti-aging
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Recently, Wu Min, a 19-level postgraduate student of the Food College of Sichuan Agricultural University, as the first author, and Associate Professor Chen Hong as the corresponding author in the top food journal”Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition” (Chinese Academy of Sciences, TOP journal, IF=6.704) Published online review paper entitled”Potential implications of polyphenols on aging considering oxidative stress, inflammation, autophagy, and gut microbiota”.

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