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On the difficult problems of food supplier audit from the”earth pit pickled cabbage” event of March 15 evening party
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This year’s March 15 evening party exposed that the pickled pickles in laotan are actually”pit pickled”. Several well-known domestic enterprises were involved in the incident. Their regulations on supplier audit and product audit are very sound, and the audit frequency and requirements are strict, but why do such problems still occur. This exposes many difficult problems in our audit. Next, I’d like to talk about the difficulties in the audit of relevant suppliers by borrowing the”earth pit pickled cabbage” incident.

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Special Law Enforcement Action on Counterfeit and Substandard Rural Food in Jiangsu Province and Food Safety Inspection Work Promotion Exchange Meeting Held in Taizhou
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On December 3, the Jiangsu Provincial Market Supervision Bureau held a special enforcement action for rural counterfeit and shoddy food and a food safety inspection promotion exchange meeting in Taizhou to summarize the food safety inspection work this year, exchange food safety inspection experience and practices, and deploy and promote rural counterfeit and shoddy food Special law enforcement actions. Wu Yongcai, deputy director of the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

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The audit work of the demonstration unit of the catering industry quality and safety improvement project in 2020 has been successfully concluded
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With the completion of the on-site audit in Beijing, it marks the successful completion of the on-site audit for the creation of demonstration units of the catering industry quality and safety improvement project in 2020. The creation activity is sponsored by the China Cuisine Association and undertaken by the Food Safety Working Committee of the China Cuisine Association. It focuses on experiential enterprises, gourmet districts, representative areas, and large-scale chain catering service units. It establishes a group of typical experiences that can be replicated and promoted. The successful experience model of the quality and safety improvement project in the catering industry. Especially in the special period when the new crown pneumonia epidemic has caused serious losses in the industry, boost the confidence of the industry and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the industry.

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