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Work report of China Animal Husbandry Association in 2021 and key points of work in 2022
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While promoting the recovery of pig production, maintaining supply and stabilizing prices, coping with the pig cycle and stabilizing poultry production, China Animal Husbandry Association has vigorously promoted the development of beef cattle and sheep industry, made every effort to ensure the supply of meat and eggs market, strengthened internal management, improved external services, practically strengthened the sense of responsibility, constantly innovated work ideas, improved management mechanism, strengthened industry self-discipline and safeguarded industry interests, Boost the high-quality development of China’s animal husbandry and make a good start in the implementation of the 14th five year plan. The annual work report of the association in 2021 is as follows.

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Keep the word steady and strive for progress in stability — the working conference on the high quality development of China’s meat industry was held in Beijing
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In 2021, based on the 14th five year plan for national economic and social development of the people’s Republic of China and the outline of long-term objectives for 2035, China Meat Association organized and formulated the”14th five year plan” special plan for China’s meat industry, which was deliberated and adopted by the fourth council meeting of the sixth session and the Seventh Executive Council meeting of the sixth session. It began to be implemented this year and achieved phased results. In order to clarify the industrial development objectives in 2022 and guide the industry to continuously improve its competitiveness, innovation, influence and anti risk ability, the CCPIT held a working meeting on the high-quality development of China’s meat industry in Beijing on December 23.

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2021 China catering leaders summit held in Shenzhen, focusing on capital and supply chain to talk about high-quality development
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On December 22, the 2021 China catering leaders summit was held in Shenzhen, sponsored by the China Cuisine Association, CO sponsored by Guangdong catering service industry association, Shenzhen Cuisine Association, Chongqing Cuisine Association, Shenzhen catering service industry association and Shenzhen catering chamber of Commerce, and supported by provincial industry associations across the country.

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The Ministry of food and Drug Administration of Korea discussed the supply of imported products with food, pharmaceutical and other related associations to ensure the smooth supply of imported products during the COVID-19 period.
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On November 30, the South Korean Ministry of food and drug safety (MFDs) announced that the South Korean Ministry of food and drug, 10 associations such as the South Korean food industry association and the South Korean Pharmaceutical Biology Association * held a symposium on whether the supply system of food and medical imported products with high dependence on foreign countries in South Korea is stable, and checking on-site response plans.

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Announcement of Heilongjiang light industry science and Technology Association on Issuing the group standard of fermented corn straw for cattle
By: Date: 2021-11-03 Categories: authoritativerelease Tags: ,

In accordance with the provisions of the group standard management measures of Heilongjiang light industry science and Technology Association, the association has organized relevant units to complete the formulation and review of the group standard of fermented corn straw for cattle (T/list 0005-2021), which is hereby approved for release.

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Combating the New Crown Epidemic and Promoting Trade Development丨Large Manor-2021 Meat Industry Development Conference Series Reports (2)
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Since the beginning of 2020, the new crown pneumonia epidemic has had a significant impact on global meat production, trade and consumption. Judging the future trend of the meat industry under the conditions of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and forming the consensus and joint efforts of colleagues in the meat industry from all over the world are of great significance for overcoming the new crown pneumonia epidemic and safeguarding human health. On the afternoon of September 13, the speakers at the Great Manor-2021 Meat Industry Development Conference conducted in-depth discussions on preventing and controlling the new crown epidemic, promoting meat trade, ensuring meat supply, and improving human health, and strived to form an industry consensus on a global scale. Establish a foundation for a new meat trade order.

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Announcement of Shandong Provincial Seasoning Food Association on the establishment of three group standards including”Wuliang Vinegar”
By: Date: 2021-09-09 Categories: authoritativerelease Tags: ,

In accordance with relevant national laws and regulations and the”Management Measures for Group Standards of Shandong Seasoning Food Association”, our association organized experts to review the three group standards of”Wuliang Vinegar”,”Red Yeast Rice Vinegar” and”Yutang Whole Wheat Sauce”. After review, the project will be approved if it meets the conditions of the project.

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Announcement of the Guangdong Provincial Quality Association on the establishment of the two group standards of”Local Characteristic Product-Luogang Leek Flower” and”Local Characteristic Product-Luogang Edible Night Orchid”
By: Date: 2021-09-08 Categories: authoritativerelease Tags: ,

In accordance with the relevant provisions of the”Guangdong Provincial Quality Association Group Standards Establishment Management Measures” and the”Notice on Soliciting 2021 Guangdong Provincial Quality Association Group Standard Program Projects” (Yue Zhi Xie Zi [2021] No. 16), standardized by the Guangdong Provincial Quality Association The technical committee organized experts to demonstrate the two group standards proposed by the People’s Government of Luogang Town, Guangning County,”Local characteristic product Luogang Leek Flower” and”Local characteristic product Luogang Edible Night Orchid”. They meet the conditions of the project and are hereby announced.

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The Working Conference of the National Meat Industry Local Associations was successfully held
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The Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development of the People’s Republic of China and the Outline of Long-Term Goals for 2035 issued by the state stated that the next five to fifteen years will be an important period for my country to fully embark on a new journey of building a modern socialist country. Affected by multiple unfavorable factors such as the new crown epidemic, animal epidemics, and natural disasters, industry companies have generally suffered varying degrees of impact. How to give full play to the role of industry associations, update service concepts, innovate service methods, and lead enterprises to cultivate opportunities in crisis, and create new opportunities in changing situations are common problems that we face. In response to this problem, the China Meat Association organized a working meeting of local associations in the national meat industry on August 27, 2021.

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