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Affected by the government’s export ban, Argentina’s beef exports in May 2021 will drop by 35%from the previous month
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Argentina’s National Daily reported on June 10 that according to the latest statistics released by the Ciccra Chamber of Traders of the Argentine Meat Industry, in May 2021, Argentina exported a total of 45,200 tons of bone-in beef, a decrease of 35%from the previous month. The Chamber of Commerce stated that the industry has lost 71.3 million U.S. dollars in foreign exchange income since the Afghan government officially announced a ban on beef exports for 30 days on May 20.

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Reply of the Argentine Embassy in China to the China General Administration of Customs to update the information of meat companies exporting to China
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Regarding the “Cancellation of Correspondence of Argentine Meat Enterprises Exporting to China” in the “List of Countries or Regions Exporting Meat Products to China that Meet the Requirements for Assessment and Review” updated by the General Administration of Customs of China on May 27, I will meet for nearly two days. I have received inquiries from several companies that are puzzled. To this end, the China Meat Association had a telephone communication with the Agricultural Counselor of the Argentine Embassy in the afternoon of May 28, and an email communication after the telephone conference. The following is the official explanation of the Argentine Embassy in China.

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Statistics of Argentina’s seafood exports in February
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From SeafoodMedia on April 7, the monthly report on the sales of main products in the freezing industry compiled by the Argentine Frozen Fishery Shipowners Association showed that the export volume of Argentine squid, Argentine hake, houndstooth and shrimp tails declined in the first two months of this year. The export volume of spider crab and whole shrimp has increased, especially in the Spanish market with a strong recovery momentum.

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The output value of Argentina’s main crops is expected to increase by 29%year-on-year in 2021
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The Argentine National News Agency reported on March 24 that according to the forecast of the Buenos Aires Grain Exchange in Argentina, under the favorable background of the continuous increase in global commodity prices, the output value of major agricultural crops in 2021 will reach 40.244 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 29 year-on-year.%; exports will reach 34.642 billion U.S. dollars, which is 35%higher than expected in September last year.

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Argentine squid (in-line) catches increase, prices go down
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UCN sources reported that the production of Argentine squid (in-line) fluctuates. This year’s new production season started on January 16th. At the beginning of the season, the catch was in good condition, with a daily output of 20-30 tons per vessel. Then the weather changed and the output plummeted to 5-10 tons; the output returned to the end of February. 20-30 tons.

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