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Information on the liquor industry in March:A number of liquor companies applied for new trademarks; the voice of liquor representatives at the two sessions
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In March, the following information occurred in the wine industry:a number of wine companies applied for new trademarks; at the two meetings this year, representatives of the wine industry made suggestions and suggestions; the vintage puree of Gujinggong Liquor, the ancient 20 product, and the century-old Luzhou Laojiao cellar Price adjustment of liquor and other liquors; a variety of new product releases involving liquor, beer, wine, rice wine, etc.; Taishan Beer, Guangliang Liquor, Ale City, and liquor brands”Three Two” announced the completion of financing; the Ministry of Commerce’s case against Australian wine The final ruling was announced.

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Announcement of the second batch of matching projects of Shanghai local matching funds for national important science and technology projects in 2020, involving 13 items in the food field
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On October 30, the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission issued a notice that the second batch of matching projects of the Shanghai Local Matching Fund for the National Important Science and Technology Plan Project in 2020 has been reviewed and the first declared project will be publicized. There are 357 matching projects this time, with a total matching fund of 36,392,400 yuan. Among them, 13 items are involved in the food field.

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New Zealand seeks public opinions on the import or production of potato herbicide Soleto (Xiu Gulong)
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Agri-Chem.net Chinese website reported:The New Zealand Environmental Protection Agency is now seeking public opinions on the application for import or production of potato broad-spectrum herbicide Soleto (active ingredient:Xiugulong). Xiugulong has been approved for use in Europe, but has not yet been approved in New Zealand.

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Decision of the People’s Government of Anhui Province on the 2019 Anhui Science and Technology Awards (Wan Zheng [2020] No. 31)
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In order to deeply study and implement Xi Jinping’s socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, and firmly implement the innovation-driven development strategy, the provincial government decided to reward scientific and technical personnel and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the scientific and technological progress and economic and social development of our province.

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