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The Tracing and Protection of the 130-year Old Apple Tree in Penglai, Shandong
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In May 2019, an ancient apple tree garden over 100 years old was discovered in Wugou Miaojia Village, Liujiagou Town, Penglai District, Yantai City, Shandong Province. Among them, the oldest apple tree was confirmed by repeated investigations and multilateral research. The tree is more than 130 years old. The ancient apple tree is a non-renewable natural and cultural heritage. It is a”living archive” for understanding the history of apple cultivation in my country. It has important scientific, historical and cultural value for promoting the high-quality development of my country’s apple industry.

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The team of Professor Xiaobo Zou of Jiangsu University won the second prize of the 2020 Natural Science Award of the Ministry of Education
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Recently, the Ministry of Education issued the”Decision of the Ministry of Education on the Award of Scientific Research Outstanding Achievements in Higher Education Institutions (Science and Technology) in 2020″ (Yokexin [2021] No. 1), hosted by Professor Zou Xiaobo of Jiangsu University,”Apple Spectral Image Information Fast The”Non-destructive Perception Theory and Method” project won the second prize of Natural Science Award for Outstanding Achievement in Scientific Research (Science and Technology) of Colleges and Universities.

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The on-site observation and exchange meeting for the Apple project of the national key R&D plan was held in Yuncheng, Shanxi
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From April 8th to 10th, the apple subject field observation exchange meeting of the national key research and development program”integration and demonstration of high-quality, light-weight and high-efficiency cultivation techniques for deciduous fruit trees” hosted by the Beijing Academy of Forestry and Fruit Science was held in Yuncheng, Shanxi.

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Chile exports 25,000 tons of organic apples in 2020 season
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Chile’s apple production in the 2020 season has decreased. Due to the dry weather of the previous year, the final export volume was less than 650,000 tons, a 4%drop year-on-year. The export volume of organic apples increased by 6%year-on-year, reaching 25,675 tons. The share of organic apples in total apple exports has also increased, from 3.6%in 2019 to 3.9%in 2020.

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Qingdao Agricultural University held a signing ceremony for the breeding and sales authorization of the new apple variety”Fuli”
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On March 31, Qingdao Agricultural University held a signing ceremony for the authorization of seedling breeding and sales of the new apple variety”Fuli” in the academic hall. Nongfa Nature (Shanghai) Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. signed the”Fuli” apple with three fruit tree seedling companies, Laizhou Nature Horticulture Technology Co., Ltd., Yantai Longfu Fruit Tree Seedling Breeding Co., Ltd. and Longkou Longqing Agricultural Technology Development Co., Ltd. License agreement for the breeding and sale of new varieties of seedlings.

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Academician Kang Zhensheng presided over a research meeting on the green, high-quality and efficient development strategy of the apple industry in arid areas
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On March 22, the research meeting of the Chinese Academy of Engineering’s consulting project”Green, High-quality and Efficient Development Strategy of Apple Industry in Arid Areas” hosted by Academician Kang Zhensheng was held in our school. Vice President Fang Yulin and representatives from 22 institutions, universities, research institutes and enterprises More than 40 experts in the Apple field attended the meeting.

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Sumitomo Chemical launches apple growth regulator Fysium in Brazil
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Agrochemicals.com.cn report:Recently, Sumitomo Chemical launched the growth regulator Fysium (1-methylcyclopropene) in Brazil. This is the first brand used for post-harvest management in the agricultural product market. This Japanese company launched in 2021 It made its debut in this field in 2009 and can meet the needs of apple producers who are still harvesting apples.

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