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The General Administration of Customs issued typical cases of Combating Smuggling in the field of people’s livelihood
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Since the beginning of this year, the national customs anti smuggling Department has focused on the prominent smuggling problem of”central concern, social concern and people’s concern”, focused on the people’s concern and demand, organized and carried out the action of”national sword 2021″ to crack down on smuggling, launched heavy attacks, investigated and cracked down, and focused on investigating and handling a number of illegal cases involving the smuggling of food, daily necessities and other products closely related to the people’s life. Typical cases are now published.

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Fuzhou Customs cracked a series of liquor smuggling cases
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Recently, bootleg liquor bootleg liquor Bureau of Fuzhou customs has been dispatched by the Xiamen customs and smuggling bureau to launch 40 police officers. It has been divided into 5 action groups. The United States has launched a unified operation of the serial number of smuggling liquor series in the Fuzhou and Xiamen places, including 9 suspect suspects, 3 prisoners, 3 people on bail pending trial, 2 smuggled liquor groups and 44764 bottles of wine. Detain a batch of documents and electronic evidence involved in the case. After preliminary investigation, the case is worth about 80 million yuan.

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