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Notice of Ankang Municipal market supervision administration on 83 batches of qualified food and 8 batches of unqualified food (No. 11 of 2021)
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Recently, Shaanxi market supervision and Administration Bureau and Ankang market supervision and Administration Bureau jointly organized the food safety supervision and sampling inspection of 91 batches of food samples in four categories:fried food and nut products, catering food, vegetable products, tea and related products. Among them, 8 batches of food samples in two categories:Catering food, tea leaves and related products were unqualified, and the washing residue of tableware exceeded the standard The product label does not meet the requirements.

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Ankang Market Supervision Administration Announcement on 44 batches of food qualified and 7 batches of food unqualified (No. 4 of 2021)
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Since November 2020, the Shaanxi Provincial Market Supervision Administration and the Ankang City Market Supervision Administration have organized and conducted food safety supervision and random inspections on 51 batches of food samples from two major categories of catering food and edible agricultural products, including 6 batches of catering food The second sample was unqualified, and the tableware decontamination residue was detected to exceed the standard; one batch of edible agricultural products was unqualified, and the omethoate was not up to standard.

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Ankang Market Supervision Administration Announcement on the Qualification of 74 Batches of Food (No. 7 of 2020)
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Recently, the Ankang City Market Supervision Administration organized a total of 74 batches of samples of four types of food including processed food products, catering food, cakes, and soybean products to conduct food safety supervision and random inspections, and all the inspected items were qualified.

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Shaanxi Ankang issued a notice:citizens who have bought this batch of shrimp, please take the initiative to report to the community
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On the morning of August 13, the Office of the Joint Prevention and Control of New Crown Pneumonia in Ankang City, Shaanxi received a report from the Office of the Provincial Headquarters for Prevention and Control of the Epidemic:On August 12, the Shaanxi Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention was in Xi’an Fangxin Seafood Market. During the nucleic acid test of the product sampling, a batch of imported Ecuadorian frozen white shrimp (product batch number 0063, registration number 7057) was found to be positive for the new coronavirus nucleic acid in the outer packaging. A total of 3 merchants in Ankang City successively purchased 31 pieces of this batch of frozen shrimp (10 boxes each, 3 kg each). After receiving the report of the joint investigation, the Ankang Joint Prevention and Control Headquarters immediately initiated emergency measures to fully track the whereabouts of the batch of frozen shrimp.

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