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Prediction of aquaculture diseases in Hunan Province in October
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According to the forecast of Hunan meteorological department, in October, the climate turns cool and the temperature decreases. The monthly average temperature is 20 ~ 28 ℃, the breeding water temperature is 22 ~ 25 ℃, and the monthly precipitation is 20 ~ 50mm. In October, the main diseases to be controlled include grass carp hemorrhagic disease, Bacterial Gill Rot Disease and enteritis. In addition, parasitic diseases also occur from time to time, mainly anchor head disease, Chinese chestnut disease and wheel worm disease. According to the incidence characteristics and climatic conditions over the years in Hunan Province, the disease prediction in October is as follows.

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Forecast of aquaculture diseases in Jilin Province in September 2020
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In September, the temperature and water temperature in Jilin Province gradually decreased, the temperature difference between day and night became larger, and the highest temperature was 26 degrees Celsius. The activity of pathogenic microorganisms became less. Affected by typhoons, there were more cloudy and rainy weather, and there may be heavy rains, strong convection and other weather. Weather changes Fast, the water quality is easy to change, but the drop in water temperature will gradually reduce bacterial diseases and parasitic diseases.

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