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Food Information Today’s Guide (July 9th, 2021):Lotus MSG auctions 24 trademarks; Feihe Dairy acquires Xiaoyang Miao Ke; An Muxi surpasses 30 billion sales
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Hot news on July 9th, 2021:On the 8th,”Du Haitao Hefei hot pot restaurant was ordered to close” rushed to the hot search on Weibo. On the same day, the hot pot restaurant involved issued a statement of apology on the official Weibo; July 7th, Ali The official WeChat account of the auction announced that the Lotus MSG Group Co., Ltd. will conduct a public auction of the 24 “Lotus” related trademarks it holds; on July 7, the parent company Suzhou Fresh Orange, the parent company of the “little giant” living in the same city in the community group purchase Science and Technology Co., Ltd. issued an announcement stating that:due to poor management, it officially filed for bankruptcy; the enterprise search APP showed that on July 5, Shaanxi Xiaoyang Miaoke Dairy Co., Ltd. had a business change. The company before the change was Heilongjiang Yueyou Trade Development Co. , The enterprise after the change is:shareholder Heilongjiang Feihe Dairy Co., Ltd., holding 100%of the shares……

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