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Ourofino cooperates with Ishihara to launch Goemon, an insecticide containing chlorantraniliprole, to prevent and control caterpillars in Brazil
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Agrochemicals.com.cn report:Brazil’s agriculture is a world leader, occupying a leading position in the production of grains such as soybeans, corn and coffee. National producers rely on technology to increase crop yields. Ourofino Agrociência, which operates in the field of crop protection, provides customers with differentiated and innovative products. Its product portfolio has now been strengthened as never before, such as the insecticide Goemon, which contains new molecular rings. Chlorantraniliprole was developed by ISK Biosciences.

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Summit Agro’s insecticides Harvanta and Verdepryn containing chlorantraniliprole are registered for use in California
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Agrochemical.cn Chinese website:Recently, Summit Agro USA announced that the California State Pesticide Regulatory Agency has recently approved the registration of two pioneering pesticides HARVANTA and VERDEPRYN containing the active ingredient Cyclotrimide (trade name:CYCLAPRYN).

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