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Seven local standards of the Alashan Desert Cistanche High-Quality Standard System passed the review
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On May 20, the Market Supervision Bureau of the Arab League organized a local standard review meeting for the Alashan Desert Cistanche High-Quality Standard System in Bayanhot. Experts from the Market Supervision Bureau of the Autonomous Region and the Autonomous Forestry and Grass Bureau attended the meeting for guidance. Alxa League, Alashan Relevant persons in charge of the Zuoqi two-level market supervision, forestry and grass, health and health departments attended the meeting.

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“A Right Banner Camel Milk” Geographical Indication Certification Announcement Obtained Registration
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A few days ago, the Trademark Office of the State Intellectual Property Office issued the 1727th”Trademark Announcement”. The Alxa Right Banner Camel Milk Association, the God of Desert, applied for the first trial of trademark registration for the geographical indication certification mark on the 29th category of camel milk (fresh milk). It marks that the Alxa Right Banner National Geographical Indication Certification mark is about to achieve a zero breakthrough, and the Alxa League has successfully registered”Alxa Cistanche”,”Alxa Cynomorium”,”Alxa Jade Carving”, and”Alxa White Velvet”. There are 7 national geographical indication certification trademarks including”cashmere”,”Alxa Bactrian camel wool”,”Alxa White Cashmere Cashmere” and”Alxa Bactrian camel wool”. Alxa League will have 8 national geographical indication certification marks.

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