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70000 kg of”poison powder” was sent to the table! The owner of this small workshop in Xinfu District, Xinzhou City was sentenced
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Recently, Xinzhou intermediate people’s court, after a second instance trial, made a ruling rejecting the appeal and upholding the original judgment on a criminal incidental civil public interest litigation case. The defendant Li Moujun committed the crime of producing and selling food that did not meet the safety standards and was sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of two years, suspended for three years and fined 260000 yuan. Meanwhile, the defendant Li Moujun is prohibited from engaging in food production, sales and related activities during the probation period of probation; The illegal income shall be recovered according to law and turned over to the state treasury; Alum seized on record shall be confiscated according to law; And publicly apologize to the society in the media above the municipal level.

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The owner of fried dough sticks with more”material” was sentenced
By: Date: 2021-11-03 Categories: chinesefood Tags: ,

When eating breakfast, many people like to order a cup of soybean milk or a bowl of porridge, and then add a golden crisp fried dough stick to awaken their taste buds with the fluffy, crisp and fragrant taste of fried dough sticks. However, in order to make their own fried dough sticks taste better and sell more, some stores may add excessive additives and break the law.

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Nan’an procurator:small fried dough sticks are great for people’s livelihood and protect the safety of the tip of the tongue
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Recently, the Nan’an Municipal People’s Procuratorate made a decision not to prosecute a crime related fried dough stick operator, and jointly launched a public declaration of non prosecution + law popularization campaign for the fried dough stick industry with the Nan’an market supervision and Administration Bureau. It carried out law popularization publicity and education for more than 10 fried dough stick producers within its jurisdiction. The hospital strictly implemented the criminal policy of tempering justice with mercy, focusing on education and supplemented by punishment, Urge the operators of fried dough sticks in the city to operate legally and never violate the legal red line again.

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