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Quanzhou 2021 investigation and handling of cases in the field of people’s livelihood typical case of”iron fist” action
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This year, the market supervision department of Quanzhou has focused on the prominent problems strongly reflected by the people in the field of people’s livelihood and concerned by public opinion. It has launched a heavy attack, severely cracked down on the production and operation of toxic and harmful food, food with excessive residues of agricultural and veterinary drugs and”Shanzhai” drinks and drinks, strictly investigated inferior steel bars, cables, children’s toys and renovated”black gas cylinders” according to law, and vigorously punished”miracle doctors” and”miracle drugs” And other false advertisements, the phenomenon of”arbitrary charges” by intermediaries, and 11 types of illegal acts in the field of market supervision, such as refined oil, automobile 4S stores and paper sanitary products. A number of illegal cases closely related to the masses and with prominent illegal nature were investigated and dealt with.

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