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The results show that alfalfa has formed an independent subgroup in China
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Recently, the forage breeding and cultivation science and technology innovation team of Beijing Institute of animal husbandry and veterinary medicine, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences conducted a population structure analysis of alfalfa germplasm resources at home and abroad and the differentiation between subgroups from different geographical sources. The research shows that alfalfa from China has formed an independent subgroup in the long-term selection process, It laid a theoretical foundation for the follow-up development of Alfalfa molecular design breeding. Relevant research results are published in the Journal of integrated plant biology.

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Announcement of the market supervision administration of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on Abolishing 15 local standards such as Aohan alfalfa (No. 13, 2021)
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In accordance with the relevant provisions of the standardization law of the people’s Republic of China and the review opinions of the Department of industry and information technology, the Department of agriculture and animal husbandry, the forestry and grass Bureau, the fire rescue corps, the animal husbandry Standardization Committee and the agricultural and Animal Husbandry Machinery Standardization Committee of the autonomous region, the market supervision and administration of the autonomous region abolished 15 local standards such as Aohan alfalfa (see Annex), which shall take effect from the date of announcement.

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Letter from the Market Supervision Administration of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on Soliciting Opinions on 18 Local Standards (Draft for Solicitation of Comments) including the”Regulations for the Collection and Grading of Wild Stipa breviflora Seeds”
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According to the requirements of the local standard formulation and revision work procedures, the”Wild Stipa breviflora Seed Collection and Grading Regulations”, the Wild Ceratoides arborescens Seed Harvesting and Grading Regulations, the Wild Artemisia Frigida Seed Harvesting and Grading Regulations, and the Wild Fine Leaf Allium Seed Collection and Grading Regulations,”Abaga Black Horse”,”Baicha Horse”,”Shangdu Horse”,”Sunit Horse”,”Using Horse”,”Uzhumu Qin Horse”,”Alfalfa Aphids Monitoring and Control Technology” The draft of 18 local standards, including the Regulations,”Technical Regulations for Alfalfa Hay Harvesting and Storage”, and”Technical Specifications for Selection of Alfalfa Artificial Grassland Varieties,” and other 18 local standards are publicly solicited for comments.

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The Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc. have made progress in the research of alfalfa genome and stress resistance mechanism
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The Zhang Wenhao research group of the Institute of Botany of the Chinese Academy of Sciences cooperated with domestic and foreign units to overcome the difficulty of high heterozygosity of the alfalfa genome by integrating the third-generation, second-generation and Hi-C sequencing data, and spliced ​​the high-quality alfalfa genome (904.13 Mb, scaffold N50 99.39 Mb), the researchers revealed the stress resistance mechanism of alfalfa through further analysis of gene family expansion, transcription factors, gene retention/loss during domestication, stress-related SNPs and stress response genes.

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New progress has been made in the research on fine irrigation of high-yield forage land in Qinghai Province and the introduction and breeding of leguminous grass seeds
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Recently, the Qinghai Provincial Department of Science and Technology organized experts to cooperate with Qinghai Provincial Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research Co., Ltd., Qinghai Provincial Academy of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Sciences and the Australian Agriculture and Horticultural Association to carry out the”High-yield forage field fine irrigation and legume seed breeding” The “Technical Research” project has been checked and accepted.

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Forage Breeding and Cultivation Innovation Team Reveals the Mechanism of Water Influence on Alfalfa’s Cold Resistance
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Soil water content is one of the important factors affecting the overwintering rate of alfalfa, but the mechanism of soil water content on the cold resistance of alfalfa is still unclear. Recently, the forage breeding and cultivation innovation team of the Animal Husbandry Medical Institute revealed the mechanism of water influence on the cold resistance of alfalfa, which provides an important reference for the overwintering water management of alfalfa and the research on the cold resistance of alfalfa in alpine regions.

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“Technical Regulations for Cultivation of Alfalfa in Dongting Lake Plain Area” passed the examination and approval
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On July 21, organized by the Hunan Provincial Market Supervision Administration, invited Professor Liu Xuanming of Hunan University, Researcher Wei Wenxue of the Institute of Subtropical Agriculture Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peng Xiaoping, Deputy Director of Hunan Standardization Office, and Soil and Fertilizer Institute of Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences Researcher Nie Jun and Researcher Li Keyun of Hunan Institute of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine formed an expert group to review the Hunan Provincial Local Standard”Dongting Lake Plain” jointly compiled by Hunan Agricultural University, Hunan Deren Animal Husbandry Technology Co., Ltd. and Bast Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. The Technical Regulations for Cultivation of Alfalfa in the District were reviewed. After questioning and answering questions, the participating experts voted to agree that the standard was approved.

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Forage Germplasm Resources Team has made new progress in the synthesis of alfalfa vitamin E
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Vitamin E is an essential element for the growth and development of livestock and poultry, the normal executive function of body tissues, and the prevention of various deficiencies. It has many physiological and biochemical functions such as anti-oxidation and improving immunity. The pasture germplasm resources team has been conducting cloning and functional research on multiple key enzyme genes encoding vitamin E biosynthesis pathways in alfalfa for many years.

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