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Tangxia Branch of Dongguan City actively carried out special rectification actions for alcohol
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Recently, Tangxia Branch has organized a special rectification action for alcohol in its jurisdiction, further strengthened the supervision of alcohol and food safety, compacted the main responsibility of alcohol operators for food safety, and guarded the people’s”safety on the tip of the tongue.” Up to now, a total of 105 law enforcement officers have been dispatched, 51 wine business units have been inspected, 3 rectification notices have been issued, 11 wine business operators have been interviewed, 8 cases have been filed, and 1,050 jin of wine products have been seized. 16 batches of wine samples were randomly checked.

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Is moderate drinking good for health? Oxford Scientist:The brain may be broken…
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One of the largest and most comprehensive studies published in The Lancet in 2018 showed that alcohol is a major risk factor for illness and premature death in men and women aged 15 to 49 in the world, and nearly one-tenth of the world’s population is dead. It was caused by drinking. The study concluded that the safest amount of alcohol to drink is not to drink. Recently, a study published on medRxiv (not peer-reviewed) added new evidence to this conclusion. A research team from the University of Oxford, UK, conducted observational studies of more than 25,000 people and showed that there is no so-called”safe” drinking amount for brain health, and increased drinking is related to the deterioration of brain health.

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India revises food safety and standards
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On December 18, 2020, the Food Safety Standards Agency of India issued F. No. Stds/SP (water and Beverages)/Notification (1)/FSSAI-2019 notification, and issued the 2020″Food Safety Standards (Fortified Food)” and”Food Safety Standards (Alcoholic Beverages)” revised draft, the former clarified the definition of fortified processed foods and product quality requirements; the latter clarified the alcohol content of non-alcoholic and low-alcohol products, the labeling requirements of Indian brandy, fortified wine, sherry, toddy and other products Definition and quality requirements.

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These two batches of liquor and blending oil in Shanxi are unqualified. Have you bought them?
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On July 10, the Shanxi Provincial Market Supervision Administration released the information of the 18th food safety sampling inspection in 2020. In this issue, the results of 358 batches of supervision and sampling inspections were published, involving grain processed products, dairy products, meat products, alcohol, vegetable products, and eggs. 15 categories of products, condiments, convenience foods, beverages, cans, soy products, starch and starch products, bee products, aquatic products and edible oils, fats and their products. There are 2 batches of unqualified samples and 356 batches of qualified samples.

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note! Jiangxi notified 11 batches of unqualified food, involving microbial contamination and quality indicators
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Recently, the Jiangxi Provincial Market Supervision Administration released the 29th issue of food safety random inspection information in 2020, and organized food safety supervision and random sampling of processed food products, tea and related products, edible oils and fats and their products, vegetable products, alcohol, beverages, starch A total of 1198 batches of samples of 7 types of foods and starch products were found, and 11 batches of unqualified products were found in edible oils and fats and their products, wines, and beverages, mainly related to microbial pollution, quality indicators, food additives, and heavy metal pollution problem.

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