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Brazil’s market value of sugarcane agrochemicals fell by 3%in U.S. dollars
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According to a report on the BIP (Business Intelligence Panel) recently released by the consulting firm Spark Smarter Decisions, the trade volume of pesticides used in sugarcane in Brazil fell by 3%in US dollars. According to the report exclusively disclosed to AgroPages, the Brazilian sugar energy industry purchased USD 1.4 billion worth of agrochemical products in 2020.

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The Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture approves the registration of 28 new pesticides
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Agrochemical Network Chinese website reported:Brazil’s”Official Gazette of the Federal Republic” announced on August 20 that 28 pesticides have been registered and can be used by farmers. Among them, five pesticides are the first to be listed, all of which are single-dose products of sulfonepyrazole or compound products with other active ingredients. There are also ten kinds of microbial products and one pheromone product.

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