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Publicity of proposed projects of Tibet Autonomous Region’s science and technology plan (agriculture and animal husbandry) in 2022
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On March 23, the website of the Department of science and technology of the Tibet Autonomous Region publicized the list of projects to be established in the autonomous region’s science and technology plan (agriculture and animal husbandry) in 2022, and 18 projects are to be approved. The publicity period is from March 23 to March 31.

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Tibet announces the 2021 Autonomous Region Science and Technology Plan (Agriculture and Animal Husbandry) proposed projects. These 12 projects have been selected
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On April 23, the Tibet Autonomous Region Science and Technology Department website announced the 2021 autonomous region’s science and technology plan (agriculture and animal husbandry) to publicize the proposed projects, involving 5 major science and technology projects and 7 major science and technology projects. The publicity period is April 23-4 30th (7 working days).

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Ordos City Market Supervision and Administration was invited to participate in the”Technical Specifications for Cistanche Production” Seminar on the Development of Agricultural Industry Standards
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On March 29, the Food and Nutrition Development Research Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs organized a seminar on the development of agricultural industry standards of”Technical Specifications for Cistanche Production” in Dongsheng District, Ordos City. The head of the Standardization Section of the Ordos Market Supervision Bureau was invited to participate in the seminar. At the meeting, discussions and exchanges were focused on the purpose of the industry standard project of the”Technical Specifications for the Production of Cistanche”, the development of the standard, and the key indicators and parameters of the standard.

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Announcement of the 2020 Tibet Autonomous Region Natural Science Foundation’s proposed project involving 12 items in the food field
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On December 11, the Department of Science and Technology of the Tibet Autonomous Region announced the 2020 Autonomous Region Natural Science Foundation of the proposed project for 5 days (December 11 to December 15, 2020). Among them, there are 12 items related to the food field.

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Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Market Supervision Bureau organized and held the 2020 meeting on the promotion of high-quality standards for agricultural and animal husbandry industries
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On July 9, 2020, the Standardization Division of the Market Supervision Bureau of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region organized a 2020 meeting to promote the high-quality standard system for the agricultural and animal husbandry industry to discuss the progress of studying the standard system plan. Relevant persons such as the Standardization Division of the Autonomous Region Market Supervision Bureau, the leadership team of the Autonomous Region Standardization Institute, the heads of departments and project leaders and other relevant personnel attended the meeting.

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