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The provincial rotation training of soybean corn strip compound planting technology was successfully completed
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In order to promote the implementation of the hard task of”expanding soybean” of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas in 2022 and further enhance the understanding of all sectors of society on the strip composite planting technology of soybean and corn, according to the unified deployment of the planting industry management department of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, in the first and middle of January, The National Agricultural Technology Center and the agricultural and rural departments of 16 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) that plan to undertake the demonstration task of soybean corn strip composite planting technology one by one, and carry out provincial-level rotation training activities.

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Notice of the National Agricultural Technology Center on Issuing the Monitoring and Investigation Methods of Pear Fire Blight and Other Pests (Agricultural Technology Plant Baohan [2021] No. 48)
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According to the Announcement No. 351 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, three kinds of pests, including Pear fire blight bacteria, potato golden nematode, and corn chlorotic mottle virus, are newly added as national agricultural plant quarantine pests. In order to do a good job in monitoring the newly added pests, our center organized and formulated the”Pear Fire Blight Pathogen Monitoring and Investigation Method (Trial)”,”Potato Golden Nematode Monitoring and Investigation Method (Trial)” and”Maize Chlorotic Mottle Virus Monitoring and Investigation Method (Trial)””, is now issued for trial implementation in various regions. Please report to the Plant Quarantine Department of our center in time for suggestions on related issues during the trial implementation.

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Notice of the National Agricultural Technology Center on Issuing the Implementation Plan for the National Rice Variety Test in the Southern Rice Regions in 2021 and the Implementation Plan for the National Rice Variety Test in the Northern Rice Regions in 2021 (Agricultural Technology and Seed [2021] No. 3)
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From January 5 to 8, 2021, the National Agricultural Technology Center organized the 2020 National Rice Variety Trial Review Meeting in Lingshui County, Hainan Province. It summarized the national rice variety trial work in 2020 and formulated the”2021 Southern Rice Region National Implementation Plan for Rice Variety Test and Implementation Plan for National Rice Variety Test in Northern Rice Regions in 2021.

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Reply to Recommendation No. 8992 of the Third Session of the 13th National People’s Congress
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The proposal put forward by Representative Wei Dedong on accelerating reform and innovation, ensuring grain stability, improving quality and efficiency, and promoting agricultural and rural modernization has been accepted. The Organization Department of the Economic and Commercial Central Committee and the National Development and Reform Commission now reply as follows.

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