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The third batch of typical cases of illegal advertisements investigated by the Suzhou market supervision system in 2020
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Since 2020, the Suzhou market supervision system has continued to carry out the rectification of false and illegal advertisements, insisting on problem-oriented guidance, serving the people’s livelihood as the foundation, highlighting key areas closely related to the people’s lives and property safety, and highlighting Internet media with relatively high illegal rates , Focus on cracking down on false and illegal advertising, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the people.

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The Food Economics Team of Huazhong Agricultural University has made progress in the research on the mechanism of advertising’s impact on agricultural product sales
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The food economics research team led by Professor Qing Ping of Huazhong Agricultural University published a research paper entitled”Effects of local and national advertising across brands:the case of yogurt in China” in the Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics. The research revealed advertising The impact mechanism on agricultural product sales.

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South Korea investigates 183 websites that post inappropriate krill oil and collagen product advertisements
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On September 17, South Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) announced that:Recently, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety of South Korea inspected 1581 sales websites of krill oil and collagen products that consumers are concerned about, and investigated and dealt with 183 inappropriate websites. Advertising websites for krill oil and collagen products, and plans to impose administrative penalties on 36 companies that deliberately and habitually violate relevant laws.

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Shuangyashan City Market Supervision Bureau strengthens the investigation and punishment of food violations around the three key links of rectification
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Shuangyashan City Market Supervision Bureau focuses on the main tasks and requirements of the special rectification of chaos in the food safety field, establishes a firm awareness of standards, implements strict requirements, focuses on solutions, focuses on breakthroughs, and vigorously tackles problems, severely cracks down on food violations, and promotes special rectification The work proceeded smoothly.

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Jiangsu Provincial Market Supervision Bureau deployed special rectification of illegal advertisements for illegal fishing and catch in the Yangtze River Basin
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In order to resolutely implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on the Yangtze River’s”10-year fishing ban”, and firmly implement the provincial party committee and provincial government deployment arrangements, a few days ago, Jiangsu Province Market Supervision Bureau deployed the Yangtze River Basin illegal fishing catch illegal advertising special rectification .

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