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Notice of Guilin Municipal Market Supervision Bureau on soliciting opinions on 10 Guilin local standards including Guilin Braised Vegetable Powder Preparation Technical Regulations, etc. No. 3 of 2020 (General No. 3)
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“Guilin Braised Vegetable Flour Production Technical Regulations””Guilin Red Oil Rice Flour Production Technical Regulations””Guilin Fresh Wet Rice Flour Factory Construction Management Code””Pre-packaged Guilin Rice Flour Factory Construction Management Code”,”Pre-packaged Guilin Rice Flour Production Operation Code””Pre-packaged A total of 10 Guilin local standards have been compiled including Guilin Rice Noodle Quality and Safety Traceability Operation Code.

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Yangtze River’s ten-year fishing ban, Jiangsu Yangzhou city bids farewell to”Jiang Xian”
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On the 27th, the reporter learned from the Yangzhou City Market Supervision Administration that the bureau had recently issued a notice to all catering enterprises in the city, requiring the catering enterprises in the city to strictly prohibit the sale of Jiang Xian, and the words”Jian Xian” should not appear in the advertising menu.

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