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The Institute of Agronomy, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences took the lead in analyzing the genetic mechanism of environmental adaptability of rice domestication
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Recently, with the support of the international big science program (G2P), the exploration and innovative utilization team of excellent rice germplasm resources of the Institute of Crop Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences cooperated with the International Rice Research Institute to find 128 gene loci related to rice environmental adaptability through association analysis of 185 wild rice and 743 cultivated rice varieties, The genetic mechanism of environmental adaptability in the process of rice domestication was analyzed, which laid a genetic foundation for the cultivation of wide adaptability rice varieties.

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My scientist reveals the peach genomics basis of”Peaches and plums all over the world”
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In the early morning of March 10,”Genome Research” published a genetic analysis of the impact of multiple environmental factors on the peach genome, led by Wang Lirong’s team from Zhengzhou Institute of Fruit Research, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, giving the”peach and plum all over the world” heredity The scientific meaning is helpful to help breeders establish new models for adapting and improving varieties to respond to climate change.

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