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The Tea Research Institute of Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences held the”14th Five-Year” Agricultural Advantage Industry Discipline Team Project Launch Meeting
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On April 26-27, the Tea Research Institute of Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences held the”14th Five-Year Plan” Agricultural Advantage Industry Discipline Team-“Tea Garden Precision Control and Cultivation Team” and”Tea Precision Nutrition and Health Team” project kick-off meeting in Guangzhou.

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A scientific and technological achievement of the Food College of Sichuan Agricultural University has reached the international advanced level
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On April 24, the Sichuan Provincial Science and Technology Achievement Evaluation Meeting was held in the conference room on the seventh floor of the Rural Science and Technology Development Center. Professor Qin Wen, the expert group of the Sichuan Rural Science and Technology Development Center and the Secretary of the Party Committee of the Institute of Food Science, participated in the evaluation meeting. At the meeting, the expert group conducted a third-party evaluation of the scientific and technological achievements of the”Directive Mining and Processing of Edible Fungi Functional Ingredients and Key Technology Innovation and Application” and unanimously agreed that the overall technology of the scientific and technological achievements reached the international advanced level.

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Xuzhou’s food production supervision work will present three bright spots in 2020, and we will make”ten re” efforts in 2021
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A few days ago, Xuzhou City Food Production Supervision Work Conference was held. The meeting conveyed and studied the spirit of the municipal party committee, municipal government and the provincial market supervision bureau on the guidance of food production supervision, summarized and reviewed the work in 2020, analyzed the current situation, and deployed the work in 2021. Sun Guangsheng, member of the Party Committee and Chief Engineer of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

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Two provincial agricultural machinery equipment R&D and innovation projects from the Agricultural Machinery Institute of Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences passed the appraisal and acceptance
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Recently, five experts, including researcher Guan Yanhua of Shandong Agricultural Machinery Testing and Appraisal Station, Professor Li Changhe of Qingdao Technological University, Senior Agronomist Zhang Xijun of Shandong Agricultural Society, Professor Zhang Guohai of Shandong University of Technology and Accountant Lu Fengling of Shandong Taihe Accounting Firm Formed a project appraisal and acceptance expert group, and participated in the 2018 Shandong Agricultural Machinery Equipment Research and Development Innovation Plan”Pneumatic wheat intelligent wide seedling belt uniform sowing precision fertilizer applicator” and participated in the”Dongzaoyuan intelligent operation platform and supporting equipment The two research and development projects”Research and Demonstration Projects” have been appraised and accepted.

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Act now! Lanzhou City Market Supervision Bureau conducts a comprehensive investigation and rectification of clues reported by the masses
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Recently, the Lanzhou Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau received reports from the masses:”A number of edible rice brands sold in the grain and oil markets are suspected of embezzling the Taichangxiang trademark registered by Taonan Jinliang Cereals and Oils Trading Co., Ltd.”. In this regard, the Lanzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau attaches great importance to it and immediately deploys special inspection operations. Up to now, more than 200 law enforcement personnel have been dispatched.

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