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Japan revised the material experiment method of pesticide, feed additive or veterinary medicine components in food (shengshifa 0330 No. 2)
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On March 30, the Ministry of health, labor and welfare of Japan issued the Announcement No. 2 of shengshifa 0330, which said that the relevant contents of the test method for emamectin benzoate, quinoline copper, dichloroquinoline acid and bifluorosulfone in the material test method for pesticide, feed additive or veterinary drug residues in food are hereby revised.

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my country approved the registration of the 2nd Spodoptera frugiperda control agent
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Agrochemicals.com.cn reported:Following the 30 billion spores/gram of Beauveria bassiana wettable powder from Shanxi Lvhai Pesticide Technology Co., Ltd., Chongqing Julixin Bioengineering Co., Ltd.’s 8 billion spores/ml Metarhizium Bacteria CQMa421 dispersible oil suspension concentrate (registration certificate number PD20171744) has been approved to expand its registration.

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