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Today’s guide:Hu Haiquan’s associated tea shop”Tea from the Palace” was fined 40,000 yuan; Shenzhen Haidilao No. 1 branch was warned; Qingdao Foods terminated its listing on the New Third Board (August 19, 2021)
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On August 19, the hot news:”2021 National Food Safety Standard Project Project” was issued; Hu Haiquan’s associated tea shop”My Palace Tea” was fined 40,000 yuan for violating the Food Safety Law; suspected of using unqualified cleaning and disinfection tableware , Shenzhen Haidilao branch was warned; Yichang police destroyed a trans-provincial food production and sale network of counterfeit brands, 21 people were transferred to prosecution; Guangzhou Naixue, Xicha and other 3 Internet celebrity beverage stores were required to rectify immediately; Entered the grilled fish track; Qingdao Foods terminates listing on the New Third Board…

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