“Zhanhua Winter Jujube” was successfully selected as a typical case of National Geographic Indications helping rural revitalization
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Recently,”Zhanhua Winter Jujube” was successfully selected as the”typical case of geographical indications helping rural revitalization” organized by the State Intellectual Property Office, with a total of 40 selected nationwide. Typical cases of geographical indications helping rural revitalization are declared by the grass-roots level, recommended by the provincial competent departments, reviewed and determined by the State Intellectual Property Office, and promoted at home and abroad.
“Zhanhua Winter Jujube” successfully registered the geographical indication certification trademark in 2003. At present, the planting area of Zhanhua Winter Jujube has grown from 56 trees to 300000 mu. During the 13th Five Year Plan period, the output value of Zhanhua Winter Jujube reached 15.7 billion yuan. In 2021, the total output of Zhanhua Winter Jujube reached 610 million jin, achieving a sales revenue of 3 billion yuan, an industrial output value of 4.5 billion yuan, and a per capita net income of 12000 yuan for jujube farmers. 20000 mu of greenhouses will be built, 10000 mu of advantageous varieties such as”zhandong No. 2″ will be improved, the number of large-scale management households of Dongzao jujube will reach 250, the number of jujube related enterprises will grow to 20, the number of Dongzao e-commerce sales households will reach 50, and 1000 mu of”zhandong No. 2″ harvesting garden base will be built, with a total investment of 500 million yuan.
In recent years, the market supervision departments at Binzhou City and Zhanhua district have given full play to their functions, truly managed and used the trademark of”Zhanhua Winter Jujube” geographical indications, and promoted the targeted poverty alleviation of geographical indications.
First, strictly control the quality of winter jujube products and form brand advantages. Led the formulation of 11 national and local standards such as”Zhanhua Winter Jujube as a geographical indication product”, and innovatively implemented the”Zhanhua Winter Jujube Industry Standardization Construction Project”. Prepare the group standard of t/zhdz 002-2017 technical procedures for harvesting, storage, packaging, transportation and sales of Zhanhua Winter Jujube, so as to realize the full standard coverage of Zhanhua Winter Jujube from planting to sales.
Second, expand the brand effect and maintain the good reputation of”Zhanhua Winter Jujube”. Actively cultivate Zhanhua Winter Jujube independent trademarks. At present, there are more than 610 winter jujube independent trademarks in the region, such as”hefuyuan”,”village head of winter jujube”,”Zao fan’er”, and promote the cooperative development mode of parent and child brands. In September every year, Zhanhua Winter Jujube anti-counterfeiting promotion activities are organized and carried out in a centralized manner, which has now covered more than 600 large and medium-sized fruit wholesale markets in 31 provinces and cities across the country, and consumption warnings are timely released in the media such as China Consumer Association, qilu.com, and today’s headlines. During the centralized listing of winter jujube, the large winter jujube markets in Zhanhua district will be subject to”on-site all-weather supervision”, and illegal acts that infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of jujube farmers and consumers, such as bullying the market, will be severely punished, so as to maintain the trading order of winter jujube market and protect the brand rights and interests of”Zhanhua Winter Jujube”.
Third, give play to the landmark brand benefits of”Zhanhua Winter Jujube” and implement the industrial targeted poverty alleviation strategy. In 2020, the new version of special signs for Zhanhua Winter Jujube geographical indications was steadily carried out. Up to now, 20 market players, including Binzhou Zhanhua District Yuhua fruit and vegetable import and Export Co., Ltd., Binzhou Zhanhua District Jiayang family farm, Binzhou Zhanhua District Huinong winter jujube professional cooperative, have been approved to use the new version of special signs for geographical indications, and the economic benefits of market players using special signs for geographical indications have increased significantly. Zhanhua Winter Jujube Industry has developed from simply”growing and selling jujubes” to a modern agricultural industrial system integrating scientific research, planting, processing, sales, logistics, culture and tourism, forming a good situation of integration and interaction of primary, secondary and tertiary industries.
Next, the market supervision departments of Binzhou City and Zhanhua district will further strengthen the use of the geographical indication brand of”Zhanhua Winter Jujube” and help the development of Zhanhua Winter Jujube Industry.
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