Yuehu District of Yingtan City continues to promote the rectification of fake and shoddy food in rural areas around the”three stricts and one entry”
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The source of food production is strictly controlled. Supervise the whole process of small workshops and food production enterprises, and prevent and resolve potential food safety hazards from the aspects of incoming inspection, production process control, factory inspection and so on; At the same time, we should strengthen supervision and inspection on the site environment, personnel management and temperature control, guide enterprises to strengthen internal management, regularly carry out self-examination and self correction of food safety, and strictly prevent products that do not meet food safety standards from entering the market.
Food business links are strictly supervised. The”Gan traceability” platform is used to classify the food risks of food operators, assess the risk level according to the static and dynamic inspection results, determine the inspection frequency, and take special inspection, daily supervision and inspection, random inspection and other methods, systematically carry out full coverage investigation and rectification, comprehensively standardize the food business links, and supervise and rectify the business entities that fail to fulfill the responsibility of food safety in accordance with the law.
The Department of strict investigation of fake and shoddy food. Take the rural market, the rural-urban fringe, and the rural food wholesale market as the key areas, carry out law enforcement inspection on the”Shanzhai”,”three noes” food, low-quality food and trademark infringement food in the market, supervise and urge the market entities to implement the main responsibility, strictly implement the purchase inspection and certificate and ticket system, and ensure that fake and shoddy food has nowhere to circulate.
Food safety knowledge into the countryside. Since the first half of the year, Yuehu District Bureau has organized more than 20 times of food safety training for catering practitioners,”two member” food safety knowledge training, food production enterprise management training, and carried out more than 10 food safety publicity activities such as”you send me for inspection”,”you order me for inspection”, which effectively raised the food safety awareness of the broad masses of farmers and created a good atmosphere of food safety and social co governance.
In the next step, Yuehu District Bureau will continue to follow the”four strictest” as the fundamental principle, continue to strengthen supervision, inspection and problem investigation, strive to improve the rural market food safety management mechanism, and constantly improve the overall level of rural food quality.