Yingtan Market Supervision Bureau tightened the three safety valves for the decisive battle of high-temperature”baking” of food in summer
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In summer, the temperature is rising, the bacterial reproduction is accelerating, and the food is vulnerable to pollution and deterioration, posing a threat to the health of the people. In order to fully ensure the food safety of the masses in summer, Yingtan Market Supervision Bureau tightened the food safety valve, decided to fight the high-temperature”baking” test of food in summer, and traded the”hardship index” for the”safety index” of food.
First, tighten the environmental sanitation valve. Focus on checking whether the fly, rat and insect prevention facilities of food production and operation units are in place and effectively used, whether the production and processing area is clean and tidy, whether the equipment storing kitchen waste is covered and cleaned in time according to the requirements, whether the disinfection of tableware is in place, and whether raw and cooked foods are mixed, etc., continue to promote the transformation and improvement of small catering workshops, and ensure food safety from the perspective of environmental sanitation.
Second, tighten the storage temperature valve. Focusing on frozen drinks, quick-frozen foods, frozen fresh products, etc., check whether the storage temperature of the food sales counter meets the specifications, whether the operation temperature of the special room meets the requirements, whether the temperature measuring device of the freezing (storage) facilities can be correctly displayed, and whether the food in the freezing (storage) facilities has the mixing of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, etc., and urge enterprises to store food in strict accordance with the specifications to ensure the safety of refrigerated and frozen food in summer.
Third, tighten the dinner safety valve. Focusing on the”entrance banquet and Teacher Appreciation Banquet”, urge the large and medium-sized catering units to strictly implement the normalized epidemic prevention and control measures, improve and implement various food safety management systems such as the incoming inspection of food raw materials, the cleaning and disinfection of catering utensils, and the retention of food samples, and focus on the management of employees in catering units, the standardization of cold dishes, the effective disinfection and storage of catering utensils, food procurement, storage Whether processing and other links meet the requirements of food safety operation specifications, and strictly prevent food safety incidents of group dinners.
Since mid June, more than 1200 food production and business units have been inspected, and 100%of food safety problems have been rectified. (Food Safety Coordination Section)