Yinchuan market supervision and Administration Bureau organized the”double random and one open” supervision and spot check of edible oil quality and safety
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In this supervision and inspection, Ningxia”double random and open” comprehensive supervision platform was used to carry out non directional double random supervision and inspection. 33 edible oil production and processing enterprises were randomly selected at a proportion of no less than 50%and matched with the list of law enforcement inspectors. The law enforcement personnel shall focus on the environmental conditions of production and processing by comparing the key points of double random supervision and inspection in the food production process; Establishment and implementation of quality control system; Process and health control during production; Key inspections will be carried out in four aspects:nonconforming product management, food recall and employee management. A total of 33 edible oil production enterprises (including 5 enterprises that have stopped production) were spot checked. It was found that some enterprises had problems such as the implementation of the food safety self-examination system was not in place, the training and assessment records were not perfect, and the employees did not wear work clothes as required. A rectification notice was issued to the problematic enterprises to require the enterprises to rectify. At the same time, according to the requirements of”who checks, who enters, and who publishes”, the inspection results are publicized through the platform.
Through this inspection, the main responsibility and daily supervision responsibility of edible oil production enterprises have been further compacted to ensure product quality and safety. The completion rate of the double random inspection plan and the publicity rate of the inspection results are 100%.