Yantai wine producing area held a special seminar on exhibition tour
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In order to maximize the effectiveness of the Yantai wine production area tour, explore the rules of the tour, find out the existing problems and solutions, improve the curriculum level of the production area, and build a high-level, well structured and wide-ranging production area Promotion Ambassador team, recently, The municipal Wine Industry Development Service Center organized tour enterprises in Chengdu to hold a working seminar with the theme of”walking production areas — Yantai wine chasing the wind and light”. Representatives of 18 participating wineries and enterprises in the production area and the person in charge of Shenzhen Baigao Culture Communication Co., Ltd. participated in the discussion.
The representatives of the participating enterprises respectively focused on the main problems and Countermeasures Existing in the current development of the city’s wine industry, the main difficulties encountered in the production and operation of key wine enterprises, and their solutions and measures; How to strengthen the publicity and supervision of the brand in Yantai production area; The direction of efforts and specific key work for the development of Yantai wine producing area in the next step were discussed.
In their speeches, the participants put forward many constructive suggestions on the brand promotion and market development of the city’s wine producing areas, accounting for 39%, the evaluation of the exhibition tour and the development of the wine producing areas accounted for 33%, the market search and investment promotion accounted for 15%, and the others accounted for 15%. The meeting highlighted that the development of Yantai wine industry has entered a new historical period. On the basis of summarizing the successful experience of the previous tour, we should enhance the sense of crisis, work hard, explore and innovate, unite together, and create regional brands. The more difficult the time is, the more we should firmly establish the idea of”a game of chess” and expand and strengthen the wine industry in our city. The important results of the symposium will have a positive impact on the future exhibition tour work in Yantai production area, which is of far-reaching significance.
Finally, Gao Jingtao, director of the city’s wine industry development service center, made a special speech on the topic of”looking at the development and future of Yantai wine production area from the three ‘potentials”, and deeply interpreted the advantages of Yantai wine production area, the drinking and sales trend of domestic wine, and how Yantai wine production area is inevitable. Gao Jingtao stressed that in recent years, the upward trend of domestic wine has become more obvious than in previous years. On the one hand, influenced by the national tide, domestic brands are becoming more and more popular; On the other hand, consumers’ recognition of the quality of domestic products is also gradually improving.”The wind rises at the end of the duckweed.” All wine enterprises in the production areas should take advantage of the rise of domestic wine, make good use of local advantages, highlight product characteristics, enhance cultural self-confidence, tell the brand story of the production area well, and focus on cultivating the young generation of consumer groups, so that Yantai wine can go out of Yantai, travel all over the country, and go to the world.