Yangxi Office of Jixi County Market Supervision Bureau of Xuancheng City carried out cold drink market inspection
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Law enforcement officers mainly carried out inspections in key places such as cold drink wholesale departments and food stores around the campus. First, check whether the business households have obtained the business license and the food business license within the validity period, whether they operate beyond the scope, and the health status of the employees; Second, randomly check the production date, shelf life, manufacturer’s and product purchase bills and supplier’s main license materials of ice cream, carbonated beverages and other products, and put an end to expired and fake cold drink food on the shelves; Third, check whether the hygiene of the business premises meets the standards, and whether the conditions of facilities and equipment such as freezers and freezers meet the needs; Fourth, guide operators to do a good job of self inspection and self correction, require operators to implement the main responsibility of food safety, establish and implement various food safety management systems such as purchase inspection, ticket and certificate, and ensure the traceability of cold drink food quality supervision.
In the next step, Yangxi market supervision institute will continue to focus on people’s concerns, respond to people’s concerns, extend law enforcement tentacles, and carry out a series of inspections on other summer popular foods to maintain the”safety on the tip of the tongue” of the people.