Yangquan Market Supervision Bureau carried out special inspection on ice cream prices
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Entering the hot summer, the number of ice cream sales continues to increase, and the topics of”sky high price ice cream” and”ice cream Assassin” have attracted widespread attention. In order to regulate the order of ice cream sales market and respond to the concerns of the masses, Yangquan Market Supervision Bureau has carried out special supervision and inspection on ice cream prices.
This special action, based on the”Regulations on clearly marked prices and prohibition of price fraud” implemented from July 1, targeted at large and medium-sized supermarkets, cold drink wholesale stores, convenience stores and other market entities, and focused on the inspection of all kinds of high priced”online red ice cream”, to investigate whether all kinds of market entities clearly marked prices in the process of selling ice cream according to the regulations, and whether there is a problem of making up the original price The illegal behaviors of misleading consumers by means of false discounts were supervised and inspected. During the inspection, law enforcement officers urged the merchants to rectify the incomplete pricing, non-standard content and unclear price tags. At the same time, law enforcement officers issued relevant publicity materials to business entities, reminding and warning operators to price clearly, operate legally, abide by price commitments, strengthen price self-discipline, strictly implement the provisions of price clearly, refuse fuzzy information and misleading consumption, prohibit price fraud, and consciously maintain a good market price order.
Next, the market supervision system at all levels in our city will continue to carry out the ice cream market inspection, continue to strengthen the publicity and guidance of the laws and regulations related to the price of market players, further standardize the market price order of ice cream and other cold drinks, investigate and deal with relevant price violations in a timely manner, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.