Ya’an Market Supervision Bureau fully guarantees the food safety of summer tourism catering services
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In view of the arrival of the summer tourism peak, in order to effectively ensure the food safety of tourism catering services in Ya’an during the summer vacation and create a reassuring and comfortable tourism consumption environment, Ya’an Market Supervision Bureau carried out food safety law enforcement inspections on scenic spots such as Bifeng gorge and Mengding Mountain within its jurisdiction, as well as catering service units such as jiudawan along the tourism route.
The inspectors focused on the food business license qualification of catering units, the purchase and inspection of food raw materials, the cleaning and disinfection of catering utensils, the health status of employees and other contents to carry out a comprehensive inspection, and put forward rectification opinions on the spot for the problems and deficiencies found in the inspection. Emphasize to catering service providers that:in the peak tourism season, tourists are highly mobile. First, we should do a good job in food safety and epidemic prevention and control, and strictly implement the requirements for consumers to enter the site to measure temperature, scan codes, highlight codes, check travel cards, etc; Second, we should control the import of raw materials, and focus on the implementation of incoming inspection and traceability management; Third, we should strictly implement the responsibility of food safety and consciously safeguard food safety. The inspectors also publicized the prohibition of eating wild mushrooms, CD-ROM action, civilized dining tables and other work, effectively providing tourists with a good catering consumption environment to ensure that tourists eat at ease.
Through this special inspection, the supervision of food safety in tourist attractions has been further strengthened, the business behavior of food business units has been standardized, the hidden dangers of food safety in tourist attractions have been investigated, the safety awareness and responsibility awareness of operators have been enhanced, and the level of food safety assurance in tourist attractions has been improved. (contributed by catering service supervision department)