Xifeng District Market Supervision Bureau of Qingyang City carried out a solid special rectification action on food safety
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   今年以来,庆阳市西峰区市场监管局以省、市“守查保”暨侵害群众利益专项行动工作为契机,周密安排,合理调度,全面开展“保安全 保稳定”食品安全专项整治行动,有效推动了全区食品安全形势持续稳定向好发展。

Timely arrangement and deployment, and reliable work responsibilities. The implementation plan for the special rectification work has been formulated and issued, a leading group has been established, this work has been included in the annual key work of food safety, special meetings have been held to arrange the deployment, follow-up and supervision, and phased summary and promotion have been carried out to ensure that the responsibilities are assigned to people and the work is effective.
We should actively mobilize extensively and advance comprehensively and in depth. Adhere to the linkage of bureaus and offices, the consolidation of law enforcement, the division of labor and cooperation between functional units and market supervision offices, and transfer 24 staff to form four supervision teams, led by section level cadres, to supervise the implementation of food safety and epidemic prevention and control measures in shopping malls, supermarkets, night markets and other key areas.
Improve the working mechanism and enhance the ability of prevention and control. Comprehensively publicize, mobilize, promote and implement food safety liability insurance, encourage and guide enterprises in high-risk industries such as rural collective dinners and large and medium-sized catering units within their jurisdiction to purchase food safety liability insurance, disperse and transfer the production and operation risks of enterprises and the pressure of handling food safety accidents, and further promote the social co governance of food safety.
Strengthen supervision and inspection to promote the implementation of the work. In combination with the current severe epidemic prevention and control work, organize key groups in the field of market supervision to implement nucleic acid testing twice in 7 days, and carry out special rectification of night inspection focusing on food production and business units such as night market stalls, barbecue bars (including music barbecue bars), KTVs, bars, etc. Night raids on the implementation of epidemic prevention measures such as”two yard joint inspection”, temperature measurement, wearing masks, and disinfection and sterilization of business households. Check the disinfection records, crowd density and other conditions in the store in detail, urge the business households to earnestly fulfill the main responsibility of epidemic prevention and control, and prohibit illegal acts such as hoarding and raising prices.
So far, 155 barbecue shops, 106 night market stalls, 14 bars and 739 other food business entities have been inspected. On site rectification of poor business environmental sanitation and inadequate implementation of epidemic prevention and control policies, 364 food business households, and 12 illegal acts such as”three noes” food and unlicensed and unlicensed operation were filed for investigation and punishment.
In the next step, Xifeng District Market Supervision Bureau will continue to implement the provincial and municipal”inspection and protection” and the special rectification focus on prominent issues that infringe on the interests of the masses, as well as the food safety work requirements of Xifeng district”ensuring safety and stability”, and take the improvement of food safety quality of”three small” business enterprises, rural and urban-rural areas and the surrounding campus as the focus, further innovate ideas, improve measures, and really pay close attention to strict management, Strive to promote the food safety work of the whole region to a higher level.