Xianyang:”five highlights” strengthen the quality and safety supervision of packaged drinking water
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Since the launch of the special action of”keeping the bottom line, investigating hidden dangers and ensuring safety” for food safety, Xianyang municipal market supervision bureau has listed packaged drinking water as a key area, implemented key rectification, taken multiple measures to strengthen supervision, focused on the”five highlights” to promote the continuous regulation of the city’s packaged drinking water industry, effectively prevented and controlled potential quality and safety risks, and let the people drink safe water.
Highlight the research and judgment of potential risks and carefully arrange the deployment. Sort out and summarize the results of all complaints, reports, supervision and sampling inspection in the past three years, organize the analysis, research and judgment of potential risks, formulate targeted troubleshooting and rectification work plans, and clarify the work objectives, governance contents, methods and steps. In three months, all certified packaged drinking water production enterprises in the city were comprehensively investigated. Medium and large drinking water production enterprises with high market share and wide sales coverage were listed and inspected by Xianyang Municipal Bureau to ensure 100%coverage.
Highlight the implementation of main responsibilities and pay equal attention to interview and training. 68 manufacturing enterprises were organized to carry out a comprehensive self-examination, list problems, and supervise the rectification by classification. A centralized interview meeting was held to interview the legal representatives of 17 manufacturing enterprises that found unqualified products in sampling inspection and many complaints, notify the existing problems, help analyze the causes, put forward rectification suggestions, sign a responsibility commitment, and urge rectification.
Highlight the implementation of regulatory responsibilities and strengthen law enforcement inspection. Law enforcement officers from 13 county and municipal bureaus were organized to take unified action, carry out surprise inspections, and focus on the eight aspects of source water protection, treatment technology, operation specifications, production environment, equipment disinfection, packaging materials, disinfectant use and quality control in view of the main risk points in the production process of packaged drinking water. The city’s system dispatched more than 200 people, found 6 types of potential risks, issued 27 rectification notices, ordered 2 companies to suspend business for rectification, and filed a case for investigation.
Give priority to scientific research projects and technical support. Organize the scientific research force of Xianyang food and drug inspection and testing center to carry out the research on drinking water quality improvement project. Research more than 20 packaged drinking water production enterprises and equipment packaging material production enterprises, and carry out water source investigation, production process control points and production environment key points research. Combined with the actual production situation of packaged drinking water in Xianyang City, this paper puts forward guiding suggestions for key links of quality management, production process improvement methods and quality control technology, so as to provide technical support for supervision and help enterprises improve product quality.
Highlight precise assistance and guidance, and help industrial upgrading. Hold on-site observation and training sessions on risk control of packaged drinking water production enterprises, and take the methods of on-site observation, on-site operation, interactive troubleshooting, etc., so that enterprises can understand advanced quality control technology and learn advanced quality control experience. Carry out technical assistance to key enterprises, organize experts to help enterprises and provide professional technical advice. So far, it has helped four enterprises improve and transform plant facilities, equipment and facilities and industrial processes, and helped enterprises improve the level of product quality control.