Wuwei City”six measures” to ensure the safety of online catering services and centralized food supply at isolation points
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Wuwei Market Supervision Bureau resolutely shouldered the political responsibility of epidemic prevention and control, and took multiple measures to effectively strengthen the supervision of online catering services and centralized food supply at isolation points by holding special meetings, issuing notices, on-site supervision and other means.
In the face of the new situation and new tasks of epidemic prevention and control, the municipal market supervision bureau rearranged, redeployed and promoted the key work of online catering services and centralized food supply and food safety at isolation points, requiring online catering services and centralized food supply and distribution units at isolation points to strictly implement the main responsibility for food safety, sign a letter of commitment on food safety, strictly enforce the”six checks” and earnestly fulfill the main responsibility for food safety in epidemic prevention and control. Strictly control the health of employees. Employees must hold valid health certificates and wear masks during the whole process before going to work. Strictly implement the nucleic acid testing requirements of the county and district epidemic prevention and control office for employees, and prohibit employees with fever, cold, cough symptoms and respiratory tract infection from going to work; Strictly control the incoming inspection, strictly implement the food incoming inspection, certificate and ticket system, and prohibit the purchase and use of livestock and poultry meat products with unknown sources and without quarantine inspection; Strictly control the processing and production, and urge the catering units to ensure that the raw and cooked food is stored separately, the meat and vegetable food is washed and cut separately, the cleaning area is separated from the polluted area, and the food processing is cooked and boiled thoroughly, so as to ensure that the central temperature of cooked food is not lower than 70 ℃; Strictly control the cleaning and disinfection, urge the food processing equipment and tableware of the catering units to be fully disinfected before and after use, and advocate the use of disposable tableware; Strictly control the food sample retention, urge the strict implementation of the food sample retention system, equip with special sample retention refrigeration equipment, make records, and assign special personnel to register and keep it to prevent cross contamination; Strictly control the quality of lunch boxes. It is required that the quality of disposable lunch boxes used for catering should meet the food level requirements of the catering industry, and the test report should be publicized. At the same time, the sealing label on the outside of the lunch box should indicate the production time and producer, and put them in closed containers. Special personnel should be assigned to”deliver meals to the house” and”deliver meals to people” in batches and time, effectively avoiding cross infection.
In recent days, the three-level market supervision departments of cities, counties, towns and streets have coordinated and coordinated to form eight steering groups, which are mixed with the working forces of counties and districts to achieve coordinated operations. They go deep into online catering services and isolation points to concentrate on catering food business units, focusing on the performance of main responsibilities, employees, distribution tools, food safety seals, kitchen live broadcast, purchase inspection, processing and production, cleaning and disinfection, food sample retention Carry out inspection, supervision and hidden danger investigation in terms of the quality of lunch boxes. Food and beverage operators and non physical stores without permission or incomplete licenses, poor store hygiene, and poor implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures are prohibited from operating online; Strengthen the supervision and inspection of the implementation of prevention and control measures such as the overall disinfection of food delivery vehicles and distribution boxes,”one single disinfection”, the nucleic acid detection of employees, the sealing and pasting of”shianwuwei” of catering food, and”kitchen live broadcast”; Carry out online catering”kitchen live broadcast” and online inspection to ensure that online and offline catering products are of the same quality and standard.
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