Warm tips for food safety consumption in summer
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In order to effectively ensure the safety of citizens’ food consumption, the Municipal Food and drug safety office specially gives the following warm tips according to the characteristics of food safety in summer:
I. when dining out, try to choose catering business units with complete qualifications, clean and tidy environment and affixed with the”smiling face” sign (at present, the activity of”looking for smiling faces to eat” is implemented in catering business units in the city). We should do a good job in the prevention and control of personal epidemics, and actively cooperate in the scanning of”site code” for passage verification. When choosing cold dishes, cooked meat products, raw aquatic products and other foods, you should pay attention to check whether the catering business unit has projects to operate related varieties. Cherish food, order meals as needed, avoid leftovers and reduce waste. Refuse to eat wild animals. Use public chopsticks or implement the serving of individual dishes, and ask for vouchers such as invoices after eating. Try not to eat at unlicensed roadside open-air stalls.
II. When ordering meals online, check the business license and food business license on the platform. Try to choose the nearest merchants with”food safety seal” to order. Try not to buy cold dishes, raw food varieties, cold processed cakes and other foods online.
III. When purchasing food, try to choose supermarkets and farmers’ markets with clean and tidy environment, good storage conditions and high reputation. Pay attention to the observation of the appearance and smell of food to prevent the purchase of rotten and deteriorated food. Check the production date and shelf life of prepackaged food, and do not buy products with broken or deformed packaging. When handing over items, avoid direct contact, and keep social distance when shopping. Promote self-service shopping and non-contact code scanning payment. Do not eat wild mushrooms, wild vegetables, wild fruits, etc. at will.
IV. when storing food, raw and cooked food should be released in the refrigerator in the way of”cooked and unborn” to prevent cross contamination of food. Once the frozen food is thawed, it should be processed and cooked as soon as possible. When cooking the food, it should be cooked thoroughly.
V. when processing food, pay attention to the separation of raw and cooked food, and do not mix tools such as knives and chopping boards. Keep bowls, chopsticks, knives, cutting boards and other utensils dry after cleaning.
Vi. when eating at home, develop good hygiene habits and wash hands before meals. Try to cook and eat as soon as possible; If it is not eaten, it should be refrigerated in time, and thoroughly reheated before eating. Pay attention to a balanced diet, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins and cellulose, and avoid overeating.
VII. If you find food safety violations or consumption violations, please call 12345 or 12315 to complain and report.
Office of Jinan food and Drug Safety Commission
July 28, 2022