Wang Zongli, head of the national animal husbandry station and executive vice president and Secretary General of China Feed Industry Association, led a team to Hubei to carry out an investigation on the situation of pig production
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In order to understand the reasons for the rapid rise of pig prices and study and judge the later trend, according to the work requirements of the animal husbandry and Veterinary Bureau of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, Wang Zongli, the head of the national animal husbandry station and the executive vice president and Secretary General of the China feed industry association, led a team to Hubei to carry out an investigation on the situation of pig production and provide special guidance on the stable supply and price of pigs.
The research team visited Hubei green junong Food Co., Ltd. in Anlu City, checked the actual feeding situation of the pig farm through the monitoring video of the pig farm, and asked about the current production efficiency of stored and bred sows. When it was learned that the company had driven more than 200 farmers in the form of”Five Unifications”, Wang Zongli pointed out that the development of pig production should focus on the large, not the small, and be driven by leading enterprises, Realize the effective connection between small farmers and modern animal husbandry. The research team then went to Songlong village, the designated pig production monitoring village of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, visited song Zaiyun and song Mingcai, who were free range farmers, and asked about the breeding costs and benefits. It was learned that song Zaiyun mainly raised sows and sold piglets. There was a large loss at the beginning of the year, and now he has turned losses into wins. Wang Zongli stressed that retail breeding facilities are simple, and it is necessary to strengthen the awareness and measures of epidemic prevention and control. The more money is lost, the more we can not relax the string of epidemic prevention and control. The research team went to Xinnan market to learn about the price and sales of pork, and learned that the price of pork has increased rapidly recently, and the price of streaky pork has increased by 15.0%over last month. Wang Zongli requested that the agricultural and rural departments should consult with the development and reform and commercial departments in a timely manner, launch the release of reserve meat in a timely manner, and stabilize the market price. We investigated Xiangyang Zhengda Company in Xiangzhou District, visited the whole process of feed production and cooked food processing, learned that Zhengda has realized the whole industrial chain business model from field to table, affirmed Zhengda’s business philosophy and model, and stressed that leading enterprises should implement the new development concept well, and establish a domestic and international double cycle based on the domestic big cycle against the background of complex situations at home and abroad, In particular, we should speed up the integration of agriculture and animal husbandry, the cycle of planting and breeding, and promote the resource utilization of breeding waste. We should extend the industrial chain, ensure the supply chain, improve the value chain, create an ecological chain, and achieve high-quality development of enterprises.
In order to fully understand the situation, symposiums were held in Anlu City and Xiangzhou District, with the participation of government departments, agricultural and rural departments, breeding, feed, slaughtering enterprises and information system development companies. The provincial, municipal and county agricultural and rural departments respectively introduced the pig production situation in this region, the establishment of a hierarchical regulation mechanism for pig production capacity, the implementation of capacity regulation policies, and the implementation of pig production monitoring work. All enterprises analyzed the reasons for the recent sharp rise in pig prices in combination with their own production and operation, and predicted the trend in the later period. The information system development company introduced and demonstrated the progress of Hubei pig supervision and monitoring integration construction.
After listening to the report, Wang Zongli affirmed the policies and measures of pig supply and price stabilization issued by governments at all levels in Hubei Province and the results achieved. He analyzed and pointed out that the rise in pig prices was due to the continuous reduction of production capacity caused by the downturn in the early stage and the rapid recovery of consumption caused by the improvement of the COVID-19, which led to the reversal of the relationship between supply and demand, and farmers’ reluctance to sell further accelerated the rise in pig prices. According to the investigation of the livestock farm households’ stock replenishment, combined with the monitoring of pig production in the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, the pig price does not have the basis for a sustained sharp rise, especially with the release of the later pressed pigs and the release of the capacity of replenishment, the pig price will gradually fall.
Wang Zongli stressed that we should strengthen the construction of monitoring and early warning capacity, promote the integration of supervision and monitoring, timely, accurately and comprehensively reflect the pig production situation, and provide data support for superior decision-making and industry development; Farmers should follow the trend and do not press the fence too much, so as to avoid the loss outweighing the gain of the later decline in pig prices. Governments at all levels should improve their political standing, earnestly shoulder the responsibility of ensuring the supply and price of pigs, stabilize the macro-economic market, and meet the victory of the 20th CPC National Congress.
Cheng Zhengzhi, a second-class inspector of Hubei Provincial Department of agriculture and rural affairs, accompanied the investigation.