Vietnam’s Pasha fish exports to China doubled! Official requirements strictly implement the new requirements and regulations of China new crown!
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   2022 年 7 月 21 日,越南农林渔业质量保证部(NAFIQAD)就中国对进口冷链食品新冠控制的新规定向向中国出口的海产品加工企业发出正式通知。

Enterprises (DN) with novel coronavirus detected in Vietnamese goods will be inspected by Chinese authorities within 1-2 weeks from the date of issuing the warning notice. If an enterprise fails to arrange inspection within the above-mentioned time limit, its export registration qualification shall be cancelled.
Through the Vietnamese Embassy in China, nafiqad received notice No. 58.2022 of the General Administration of Customs of China on July 8 on covid-19 virus control measures for cold chain food imported into China. This notice will take effect from July 8, replacing Notice No. 103.2020.
According to nafiqad, at the online meeting with the China Import and export food safety administration on July 20, the Chinese representative explained in more detail the measures to be taken.
The China Import and export food safety administration also added that when the competent authorities inspected the enterprises of infected goods and found that there were still problems, they would require clear remedial measures, suspend exports or cancel the export registration qualification of the enterprises according to relevant regulations.
In a letter to Chinese seafood processing enterprises, nafiqad suggested that enterprises should continue to strictly and comprehensively implement novel coronavirus prevention measures under the guidance of the government, the Ministry of health and FAO, who and China, so as to minimize the possibility of novel coronavirus detected in seafood exported to China.
If the goods are warned and detected, it is necessary to fully prepare relevant contents (facilities, equipment, personnel, records, documents, results, investigate the causes and take appropriate remedial measures…) and inspect them within the time limit required by the Chinese authorities.
China is one of Vietnam’s most important export markets for aquatic products. At present, Vietnam’s exports of Frozen Salmon to China still maintain a double-digit growth compared with the same period last year. 185 enterprises participated in the export to China and Hong Kong. In the first six months of 2022, the total export value of balsamic fish to China Hong Kong reached US $427.6 million, an increase of 107%year-on-year. TG FISHRY; IDI Corp; Cadovimex II marine products import and export processing Co., Ltd. is the three enterprises with the largest export volume in this market.