Vietnam seizes the opportunity of positive trade export of vegetables and fruits to China
By: Date: 2022-07-21 Categories: Uncategorized

Therefore, all planting areas, durian and passion fruit packaging enterprises exported to China need to register with the Ministry of agriculture and rural development and obtain the approval of the Ministry of agriculture and rural development of Vietnam and the General Administration of Customs of China. The registration information includes name, address and code, so that products that do not meet the requirements can be traced accurately.
Passion fruit and durian are two fruits with high economic value, and they are also two dominant crops in some regions of Vietnam. Passion fruit is a fruit of interest in many markets, whether fresh fruit or processed products. China is the largest fresh durian consumer market in Vietnam. Especially in Dole Province, on average, more than 70%of durian is exported to the Chinese market in the form of small trade every year. Therefore, opening up the positive trade export to China is a good opportunity for the above two fruits.