Vietnam ranked among the top ten food countries in the world in 2022
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   (人民报)《The Travel》杂志最近评选2022年世界十大美食国家榜单,越南跻身该榜单并排在第5位。

According to the evaluation of thetravel magazine, Vietnam is a coastal country, so aquatic products are very common ingredients. However, Vietnamese cuisine uses not only aquatic products, but also a variety of meat, vegetables and fruits, which brings endless surprises to tourists.
Like many Asian countries, soup food is a common dish in Vietnam, and rice noodles are a must for tourists when they travel to Vietnam. In addition to rice noodles, tourists can also taste spring rolls, Vietnamese bread, chicken rice, pork rice, beef rice, etc.
The other nine countries on the list of the world’s top ten food countries in 2022 are Italy, Thailand, Greece, Mexico, Spain, India, the Philippines, Germany and the United States. (end)