Vietnam Minh Phu enters the cell-based shrimp industry
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   新加坡初创细胞基虾产品开发商Shiok Meat与越南明富集团(Minh Phu)签署谅解备忘录,双方合作开展“可持续海产品生产的研发”,其中包括在越南建立新的研发设施。

The statement said,”this cooperation is a step in the innovation of sustainable aquaculture, paving the way for traditional seafood companies to provide a diverse portfolio of traditional and cell-based products using cutting-edge cell culture technology.”
The two sides will also develop and sell cell-based shrimp products according to the terms of cooperation, and start the large-scale production of cell-based shrimp, crab and shellfish for feasibility study.
Sandhya sriram, chairman and co-founder of shiok meat, said:”The establishment of joint R & D facilities with MF group is an important milestone in our development. Our vision has always been to cooperate with mature seafood companies to add diversity solutions to our product portfolio and food safety through aquaculture innovation, research and technology transfer. Our R & D facilities in Vietnam will focus on the research of high-quality cell-based shrimp products.”
Mingfu group said,”entering the field of cell-based marine products is in line with the company’s long-term vision, that is, to develop the most advanced technology to achieve the sustainable development of Vietnam’s South China Sea industry.”
At present, shiok has two R & D bases, one in Thailand and the other in Australia. Last year, the company completed the latest round of bridge financing, raising a total of $30million.
Shiok said that its Singapore pilot production base is also accelerating the construction, aiming to launch the world’s first cell shrimp product in at least one high-end restaurant in Singapore in 2023.