Vietnam fresh durian was officially admitted
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According to the announcement of the General Administration of customs, the orchards and packaging plants exported to China must be filed with the Ministry of agriculture and rural development (mard) of Vietnam and jointly approved and registered by the General Administration of Customs of China and mard.
The quarantine pests concerned by fresh durian imported from Vietnam are guava fruit fly, new pineapple grey mealybug, ocean buttock mealybug, Nanyang buttock mealybug, Jack bell mealybug and sugarcane cluster mealybug.
In order to prevent the entry of pests to the greatest extent, the announcement puts forward corresponding specific requirements for the orchard management, packaging plant management and packaging of durian in Vietnam. The orchard exported to China needs to establish a perfect quality management system and traceability system under the supervision of mard, implement good agricultural practices, and maintain the hygienic conditions of the orchard. During the packaging process of durian transported to China, the diseased fruit, insect fruit, rotten fruit, deformed fruit, branches and leaves, fruit stalk or other plant residues and soil should be removed through manual selection, grading and cleaning, and effective measures such as brushing or high-pressure air gun purging should be taken to clean the fruit surface. If necessary, the surface of durian can be manually wiped with soft and clean cotton cloth, especially the fruit stalk and other parts, so as to effectively remove the insect eggs attached to the fruit surface Pathogenic spores, etc.
For Vietnamese fresh durian exported to China, mard shall conduct sampling inspection on each batch of durian exported to China according to the proportion of 2%of each batch of goods. If there is no plant quarantine problem within two years, the sampling proportion will be reduced to 1%. In case of the discovery of live quarantine pests, branches and leaves or soil of concern to China, the whole batch of goods shall not be exported to China, and the export of durian from relevant orchards and packaging plants in this export season shall be suspended as appropriate. Mard shall find out the causes, take improvement measures, keep inspection records and provide them to the General Administration of Customs of China upon request.
In 2021, the output of durian in Vietnam reached 642600 tons, an increase of 15%over 2020. Durian in Vietnam is mainly harvested from April to the end of July, and the by-production period is from October to the next March.