Vietnam establishes durian planting areas and packaging plants for export to China
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China is Vietnam’s largest and potential export market for fresh durian. Due to the lack of official access from China, Vietnamese durian has been exported to China through border trade, and the biggest obstacle to export through positive trade is to ensure the traceability of products. China requires that durian exports must come from the planting areas and packaging plants authorized by the Ministry of agriculture and rural development of Vietnam, and have the code issued by the General Administration of Customs of China.
The training meeting aims to help organizations and individuals comply with the relevant regulations of Vietnam and China in the best way and produce durian products that meet the import requirements of China. Dele and Qianjiang are the two provinces with the largest planting area of durian in Vietnam, so priority is given to organizing training.
The training mainly focused on China’s relevant food safety and plant quarantine regulations, the establishment of planting areas and packaging plants for durian exported to China, and the regulations on the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
At present, 123 durian planting areas and 57 packaging plants in Vietnam have registered to participate in the durian export program to China.
Vietnam has become the second country after Thailand to obtain China’s official market access for fresh durian. This will create greater development space for Vietnam’s powerful durian planting industry and bring opportunities for hundreds of thousands of farmers in Xiyuan, Southeast and Jiulong River Delta to improve their incomes.
According to the report of the planting Bureau, by the end of 2021, the output of durian in Vietnam reached about 642600 tons, an increase of 15%year-on-year. Vietnam frozen durian has been exported to many countries.
Durian is the 11th fruit approved to enter the Chinese market. Other fruits are pitaya, watermelon, lychee, longan, banana, mango, jackfruit, rambutan, mangosteen and passion fruit. (end)