US Gulf of Mexico commercial shrimp season reopens
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   来自SeafoodNews 7月12日消息,7月15日(星期五)日落之后,美国德克萨斯州和联邦政府的墨西哥湾商业捕虾季节将重新开放。

The fishery was closed in mid May to allow brown shrimp to grow to a larger and more valuable size before harvest, and to prevent possible discarding and waste due to small size.
The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration previously said that according to the sampling prediction of the time when the average size of brown shrimp reached 112 mm, the waters will be reopened for shrimp trawl fishing. Texas parks and wildlife confirmed last Friday that their Coastal Fisheries Department collected the best sample data in conventional trawl and purse seine nets in June, and determined that the fishery could be reopened.
Federal waters (9 to 200 nautical miles offshore) will be open at the same time as state waters are open.