Uruguay barley exported to Europe for the first time
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   据乌拉圭《观察家报》7月12日报道,近日乌大麦首次出口欧洲,此次共28000吨,目的地为荷兰。Tardáguila Agromercados报告称海关数据显示,该批大麦出口额为970万美元,离岸价每吨369美元。

Previously, 95%of the barley in Uzbekistan was processed into malt and exported, and the remaining 5%was used for domestic beer production and sowing. According to the data of the office of agricultural planning and policy (opypa), 185000 hectares of barley were planted in Ukraine in 2021, 12%more than 165000 hectares in the previous season, and the harvest reached 4500 kg per hectare. Last year, 74%of Uzbekistan’s malt was exported to Brazil, 15%to Paraguay and 5%to Bolivia. Blasina y Asociados, a consulting company, reported that the total planting area of winter crops in Ukraine in 2022 was 752000 hectares, including wheat, rapeseed and shepherd’s purse, of which barley accounted for 217000 hectares.